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Security For Farm Houses

A Trusted Family Business Since 1989, Mr Lock Doc Ltd is your 24/7 Essex Locksmith service. We can Help, with a rapid and efficient service. Run by Chris we have over 27 years experience

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Security For Farm Houses

Mr Lock Doc offers a 24-Hour Professional Locksmith service in Essex and the South East for all farmers, helping to ensure your farm houses and the property on your farms are as secure as possible against any unwanted intrusion.

As farm buildings are generally secluded and in rural areas, often containing an array of high value equipment, they make tempting targets for thieves and burglaries and often any items that are stolen become very hard to be recovered, being stripped down as spares and sold on the black market.

There are many farm house burglaries throughout the UK each year and a lot of these end up in violent encounters where farmers end up getting hurt.

Professional Locksmith Services For Farms

We offer a professional locksmith service for farmers that not only includes the general locksmith services such as when you have lost your key or been locked out, but also includes specialised professional services such as security audits and upgrades. We can visit your farm at a time to suit you and run a security audit and let you know what locks need to be upgraded on your doors, windows, outbuildings, service areas, livestock buildings and barns, to ensure you have the very best security.

Mr Lock Doc also offers a 24-Hour emergency burglary and break in recovery service where we can be with you within as little as 30 mins to repair any damage to locks and doors to ensure you are secure again.

Approved Locksmith Services

With a #1 Checkatrade Trader rating, police checked, no call out fees, hidden extras or VAT to pay, coupled with nearly three decades of professional locksmith experience, you can be sure that our tried and trusted service will not let you down. Our service will leave you feeling secure and safe both before a burglary occurs and after you have suffered one.

With the help of upgraded security which we can advise on and the best high security lock systems, you can be assured you will be truly armed to deal with any potential robbery, burglary or break in. It is a fact that if a burglar sees that you have the best rated locks and security installed on all your accessible points of entry, it will be far less likely that any break in will be attempted.

Farm Security Advice

We have worked with local farms in Essex and the South East for many, many years and with the help of our experience and that of local farmers, we have compiled these helpful tips to ensure you are being as security aware as possible:

Keep track of your inventory by creating a spreadsheet and listing all your valuables – you can back this up along with images you should take of these items and hide it on a USB key or similar. It would be a good idea to record your inventory in a handwritten ledger also.

Keep a list of all your tools, including hand tools, electric tools, heavy equipment, such as trolley jacks, mig welders, lathes, compressors and similar items. Update it regularly as you purchase new items and make it a habit.

Research and purchase a marking kit to mark your items so they can be traced more easily in the event of a theft. Add trackers to all your vehicles so they can be found if stolen.

Note down all the details of your vehicles and wheeled transport such as horse boxes, trailers and compressors, including serial numbers, VIN codes, engine numbers, registration numbers, model numbers, etc, and ensure you take photos from all angles of your vehicles. Always ensure your insurance is up to date, current and that you are complying with your policy details. Always tell your insurance company about the vehicles you have.

Always keep all barn doors, livestock enclosures, farm buildings, outbuildings, gates, doors and windows locked at all times, especially at night. If you are not using a building, even for a few minutes, keep it locked

Fit high security CCTV and automated lighting systems. Always ensure you review the footage so you can see if any unwanted intruders are hanging about scouting out ready for a robbery. Keep expensive machinery in view of cameras.

Purchase a safe, which we can advise you on, to keep all small valuables such as keys and remote keys safe and secure.

Always ensure the visitors to your farm are who they say they are, it’s always best policy to make any visitors make an appointment and always record details of any visitor vehicles and their names and phone numbers.

Maintain a good relationship with local property owners, homeowners and the local police, delivery drivers and post office workers, they may just alert you if they see something.

Fit high security locks and additional security devices to all accessible doors, windows and gates.

Fit high quality alarm systems and ensure they are working properly at all times.

Educate your staff on best security practices and ensure they always have the means to communicate with you within seconds if anything untoward occurs. Being able to be warned, even if it’s only a 30 second warning, can mean the difference between locking and bolting a key access point and not.

Family Run Business

Mr Lock Doc is a family run business with over 20 years experience based in the Latton Bush Centre and provides locksmith services to domestic, commercial and local authority customers. Mr Lock Doc has NO call out charges, we do not charge VAT and there are NO hidden charges, the quote I give you over the phone is the price you will pay. We are the most trusted locksmith in Essex and the South East and provide locksmith services that are Checkatrade Trader Approved, Trading Standards Approved and Police checked.

We aim to respond to and get to you within 30 minutes or less if you are within Essex including Harlow, Chelmsford, Romford, Basildon, Braintree, Cheshunt, Ilford, Dagenham, Bishops Stortford, Hatfield and the general area, so you can be assured that we will arrive to give you the best possible local locksmith service.

  •  Family Run
  •  No Hidden Charges
  •  No Call Out Fees
  •  Police Checked and Verified
  •  Trading Standards Approved