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Safes For Homes

Do you need more locks added to your home? Are you worried about security? Do you need additional high security locks fitted to your doors and windows? Give Chris a call today for friendly, help and advice.

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Safes For Homes

Do you need a safe opened? Lost your safe key? Don’t know your safe combination? Locked out of your safe? Need your safe batteries changed? Need a new safe key? Broken key in your safe lock? Don’t panic, Call Mr Lock Doc, who is here to help with all your safe cracking requirements.

At Mr Lock Doc, we provide a non-destructive safe opening service. In this way, we can open your safe without damaging it, by using professional locksmith tools and our safe opening expertise. All domestic safes can be opened without breaking them so they can be used again.

How Do We Open Safes?

We always use non-destructive entry to get into your safe, using specialist locksmith tools and our vast knowledge and expertise, to open your safe without damaging it. If your safe cannot be opened by manipulation and the lock has to be drilled – always the absolute last resort – we follow an industry code of practise when working on your safe – the code of practice is laid out in BS7582. This is a British Standard for the repair and reconditioning of used safes.

We can help with any of the following and much more and we can do all this at your home –

  • Lost, stolen or misplaced safe keys.
  • Snapped safe keys or key snapped off in the safe lock.
  • The blade of your safe key has come off and is stuck in the lock.
  • A fault within your safe preventing it being opened.
  • Your safe key will not go into the lock.
  • Your safe key will not turn in the lock or only turns a little.
  • Your safe key is hard to turn or stiff.
  • You have lost the combination or the code for your safe.
  • You have been locked out of your safe putting in the wrong code.
  • There is no display showing on your safe or the batteries are flat.
  • Your safe is jammed and won’t open even though the key turns or you have put in the correct code.
  • Your safe door will not close or open or the bolts do not work when you turn the key.
  • Your safe door will not close or open and the bolts do not operate on an electronic safe.v
  • You have a safe built into a wall or under the floor that is not working correctly.

Safe Repair, Servicing and Upgrades

We can service, repair, upgrade and open all makes of safe that are commonly used in the home and we also provide services like installing high security locks and helping you with advice on how to best use and place your safe in your home. If you are having difficulty setting a combination on your safe or you are unsure how to use it, Mr Lock Doc can help with that too.

With over 25 years of experience in safe opening, upgrades and repair, coupled with being voted the #1 Checkatrade Trader in Essex and also being Police Checked, you know you are in safe, competent hands for all your safe locksmith needs.

We charge no call out fees, there are no hidden extras or VAT to pay and note that we are genuinely local to you and living in our area. We truly are a local locksmith service and are not part of a national chain or franchise, so you get a no hassle, no fuss, efficient and friendly local service throughout Essex and the South East.

Should I Try To Open A Faulty Safe Myself?

Most safes also have what are known as relockers which can activate if someone tries to open the safe without knowing what they are doing. If a safe has a relocker it will be impossible to open even with the correct keys, codes or combinations.

Because safes are high security items they have several anti-cracking features built in such as deadlocks, this means if anything unusual is done to a safe they will automatically lock themselves down and be impossible to open without specialist equipment. We know how to apply our tooling to get around deadlocks and automatic trips.

Mr Lock Doc therefore recommends if you have a faulty safe that you call us in the first instance, as tripping any of the in-built security features, can lead to more time spent gaining entry and additional expense due to the time taken.

How Do You Know What Safe I Have?

In order for Mr Lock Doc to give you an accurate quote on the phone, which saves us both time, it is our practice that you send us an image of your safe if possible, so we can see what make and model it is. Another picture of the lock, dial and keypad is always useful, as it allows us to determine if there is a fault even before we are on-site.

By looking at these images Mr Lock Doc can tell what kind of safe you have and also do some initial fault finding. Images can either be emailed or sent to a mobile phone. Remember we do not charge call out fees, there are no hidden extras, quotes are free and we do not charge VAT.

Quality and Workmanship.

We believe we offer the best quality and most comprehensive safe opening service in the South East and we have invested a great deal in specialist equipment specifically for safes. We have the best stocked van in the UK and the best and most recent professional locksmith tooling, so you can always be assured of a hassle free experience and superb quality of workmanship.

Family Run Business

Mr Lock Doc is a family run business with over 20 years experience based in the Latton Bush Centre and provides locksmith services to domestic, commercial and local authority customers. Mr Lock Doc has NO call out charges, we do not charge VAT and there are NO hidden charges, the quote I give you over the phone is the price you will pay. We are the most trusted locksmith in Essex and the South East and provide locksmith services that are Checkatrade Trader Approved, Trading Standards Approved and Police checked.

We aim to respond to and get to you within 30 minutes or less if you are within Essex including Harlow, Chelmsford, Romford, Basildon, Braintree, Cheshunt, Ilford, Dagenham, Bishops Stortford, Hatfield and the general area, so you can be assured that we will arrive to give you the best possible local locksmith service.

  •  Family Run
  •  No Hidden Charges
  •  No Call Out Fees
  •  Police Checked and Verified
  •  Trading Standards Approved